At UVIR, we specialize in Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared Ray(IR) and Visible light (VIS) Cameras.

l  Corona Camera (UV)

l  Thermal Imager (IR)

l  Multi-spectral Cameras (UV+IR+VIS) 

l  Multi-spectral Inspection Robot (UV+IR+VIS)

Who We Cater For

l  Electric and Power Industry (Substations/Transmission Lines/Power Plant/EPRI)

l  Railway Industry

l  Testing Services Company

l  Forest Fire Prevention Department

l  Petrochemical Enterprises

l  Research Institute

Choosing the Right Product

Our team are fully trained and will provide free support and full technical demonstrations to help you select the right product.

The Right Quotation

We offer a full quotation service for the goods we supply.

We aim to offer the complete package at competitive prices.

Service Guarantee

·  Technical Support

·  Product Training

·  Stock Availability

·  Competitive Price

UVIR is committed to the scientific research, production, sales and service of UV&IR Instrument. We always put science and technology in the first place. The company has a talented team with high quality, excellent business, and strong ability.

Trusted Service

UVIR customer-focused approach has seen a rapid expansion of its client database including many of the world's big electric companies and utility suppliers signing up to use UVIR as their chosen test equipment specialist.

Our Philosophy

To offer top-quality UV&IR Equipment with a good service at the right price, we set our philosophy of sharing. Because we achieve it through efficient management, batch production and optimized channels.

UV+IR+VIS, 3T Works for You! UVIR is the specialist.

UVIR Contact Info

Tel: +86-21-5283 0882                                  Mobil:+86-15000972875                                         E-mail: info@uvirsys.com

Registered office: Room 28, Plaza 31, No. 89, Dujiabang Road, Songjian District, 201601, Shanghai, China

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